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Registrar Index

Our registrar information database contains: 1123 Registrars

Homestead Limited dba

Canada Homestead

HooYoo Information Technology Co. Ltd.

China HooYoo

Hosteur SARL

France Hosteur

Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider

Netherlands Hosting

Hostinger, UAB

Lithuania Hostinger,

Hostlane, LLC

United States Hostlane,

Hostnet bv

Netherlands Hostnet Inc. d/b/a

United States

Hostpoint AG

Switzerland Hostpoint

Hostserver GmbH

Germany Hostserver

Hostway Services, Inc.

United States Hostway, Inc.

United States, Internet GmbH


Hu Yi Global Information Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong Hu

Humeia Corporation

Japan Humeia

ID Genesis, LLC

United States ID

Ignitela, LLC

United States Ignitela,

IHS Telekom, Inc.

Turkey IHS

Ilait AB

Sweden Ilait LLC

United States

Imperial Registrations, Inc.

United States Imperial

In2net Network Inc.

Canada In2net

Inames Co., Ltd.

Korea (South) Inames

IndiaLinks Web Hosting Pvt Ltd.

India IndiaLinks

Indirection Identity Corporation

United States Indirection

Infocom Network Ltd.

India Infocom

Ingenit GmbH & Co. KG

Germany Ingenit

Inic GmbH

Switzerland Inic

InlandDomains, LLC

United States InlandDomains,

InsaneNames LLC

United States InsaneNames



Instinct Solutions, Inc.

United States Instinct

Instra Corporation Pty Ltd.

Australia Instra

Interdominios, Inc.

Spain Interdominios,

INTERdotcom Corp.

United States INTERdotcom LLC

United States

Interlink Co., Ltd.

Japan Interlink

Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Research Center LLC (ZDNS)

China Internet

Internet Group do Brasil S.A.

Brazil Internet

Internet Internal Affairs Corporation

United States Internet

Internet Invest, Ltd. dba

Ukraine Internet

Internet NAYANA Inc.

Korea (South) Internet

Internet Service Registrar, Inc.

United States Internet

Internet Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

South Africa Internet

Internet Viennaweb Service GmbH

Austria Internet Corp.


Internetters Limited

United Kingdom Internetters

InterNetworX Ltd. & Co. KG

Germany InterNetworX

Interplanet, S.A. de C.V.

Mexico Interplanet,, Inc.

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